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East of Hollywood

East Of Hollywood - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   Ken Chang is ready for the American dream. The only trouble is that he’s just too American. So in order to land a role on a network TV Show, Ken undergoes Actor “Orientalification” to prove that he can be Asian enough to make it in Hollywood. Shot as a mockumentary, East of Hollywood follows Ken as he takes Mandarin lessons, learns martial arts, and even attempts to thicken his accent just so he can have a shot at playing a bodega owner in an offensive network television show called “Kung Fu Mom.”
  Director:   Chris Caccioppoli
  Writer:   Chris Caccioppoli
  Producer:   Michael Tow
  Cast:   Michael Tow, Danni Wang, Traci Bingham, Celeste Oliva, Chris Caccioppoli, Matt Mindell, Sienna Tow, Cindy Lentol
  Length:   29 mins


Red Room

Red Room - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A landlord gets a new tenant in an apartment rigged with hidden cameras. After watching her commit a murder, he gets tangled into a demonic ritual which could mean the future of the whole neighborhood.
  Director:   Stephen Szmed
  Writer:   Stephen Szmed
  Producer:   Allie Patt
  Cast:   Matthew Mele, Eve Smith, Marco Aguirre, Stephen Szmed
  Length:   12 mins


Cleaning House

Cleaning House - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   Two young women arrive at a house cleaning job, but their intent is anything but sanitary – they wander the barren rooms, drinking the wine and digging into the secrets of the owners. But it’s not long before their fun is shattered by violence and terror.
  Director:   Andrea Wolanin
  Writer:   Andrea Wolanin
  Producer:   Adrienne Rahn
  Cast:   Nicole Dessingue, Jackie Fabian, Jose Guns Alves, Diana Porter, Ken Kato
  Length:   5 mins


The Anthony Scibelli Web Series: “Johnny”

The Anthony Scibelli Web Series - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   “The Anthony Scibelli Web Series” is “The Jack Benny Program” for the internet age. Continuing in the long tradition of stand-up comedians playing themselves in an extension of their on-stage persona, The ASWS pays homage to the vintage comedy that came before it while subtly taking advantage of the new relationship between viewer and creator that has arisen with the rise of web-based content.
In the first episode of “The Anthony Scibelli Web Series,” Anthony is reunited with Johnny, his childhood best friend, while also trying to get booked on the Tarantula Show, the hippest alternative comedy show in Boston run by the creepiest comedian in Boston. (Ep. 01)
  Director:   Anthony Scibelli
  Writer:   Anthony Scibelli
  Producers:   Brett Johnson & Anthony Scibelli
  Cast:   Anthony Scibelli, John Baglio, Phoebe Angle, Nathan Burke
  Length:   12 mins


Help Wanted

Help Wanted - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A TV show host that gets fired the first day from every job for obvious reasons. (Ep. 01-04)
  Producers:   Corey Wells and Dan Dow, Prollywould Productions
  Cast:   Corey Wells
  Length:   29 mins


Orphans of a Mother

Synopsis:   Rescuing an orphan animal is great but getting it adopted by another animal is a miracle. This is the courageous journey of an ordinary 30-year-old ordinary woman who is deeply moved to action following a horrible accident. Helpless when even NGOs in the area refuse to help, she conceives an incredible idea on how to help orphan puppies survive in a harsh environment.
Director:   Manish Rana
Producer:   Manish Rana
Presented by:   Pallavi Sharma
Length:   15 mins


Becoming a Woman

Becoming A Woman - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   Young Sally anticipates the many changes associated with becoming a woman. Nurse Jenkins calmly provides information and advice about the biological and social aspects of menstruation. Parents and educators alike will appreciate this educational film for its frank and sympathetic portrayal of the proper attitudes about the transition into womanhood.
  Director:   Kevin Christopher
  Writers:   Angie Albeck & Marianne DiMascio
  Producers:   Angie Albeck & Marianne DiMascio
  Cast:   “Sweet Cheeks” Caswell, “Doll Face” DiMascio & Seth Jarvis
  Length:   7 mins





Osmosis - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   The hero is at odds with his very own existence as well as the existence of all humanity, even as he’s sinking into the labyrinth of his thoughts. He’s balancing between existence and non-existence. He’s losing his faith in life and he’s being trapped in his own personal universe.
  Director:   Nasos Karabelas
  Narration composed by:   Chris Makridimitris
  Producer:   Nasos Karabelas & Giorgos Panagiotou
  Cast:   Nasos Karabelas, Lefteris Peratis
  Length:   67 mins


Charlie & Poppy

Charlie and Poppy - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   Faced with the loss of his beloved grandfather, a young man sits at a train station platform, where he replays 20 years of childhood memories, desperately seeking for a way to keep his grandfather’s spirit alive.
  Director:   Jennifer Potts
  Writer:   Jennifer Potts
  Producer:   Mary Baker
  Cast:   Warren Hammack, Will Bouvier, Cole Ryan, Austin Ryan, Warren Niles Potts, Keegan Paradis
  Length:   15 mins


Grandma In Love

Grandma In Love - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A grandmother finds unexpected romance, much to the shock of the rest of her family.
  Director:   Samantha Bruce
  Writer:   Samantha Bruce
  Producer:   Samantha Bruce
  Cast:   CJ Hadimi, Audrey Noone, Alessandra Grima, Derek K. Moore, Rania Irani, Cynthia Karanoussayan, Anne Pierre, Yanka Petri, Christina Liu, Namita Dodwadkar
  Length:   9 mins


#1 Dad

#1 Dad - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A father receives a mug from his kids on Christmas day that reads “#1 Dad” and rather than politely accept the cliche gift, he takes it literally. He has been crowned the #1 Dad in the world and things are looking up – until a rival dad comes into work with an identical mug. There can be only one #1.
  Director:   Stephen Garone
  Writer:   Stephen Garone
  Producer:   Conor Biddle
  Cast:   Evin Charles Anderson, Nile Hawver, Heather Stewart, Alex Yiakoumatos, Nick Yiakoumatos, Peter Lewis Walsh, Jennifer Obasohan
  Length:   7 mins


Henry Marmoset Goes To The Diner

Henry Marmoset Goes To The Diner- Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   For a marmoset as indecisive as Henry deciding what to order for dinner can be an excruciating ordeal. Combine that with a not so patient waitress and you’ve got a recipe for extra helpings of hilarious hi-jinx!
  Story:   Cullen McLane
  Animation:   Cullen McLane
  Characters created by:   Cullen McLane
  Length:   3 mins


The Chameleon Queen

The Chameleon Queen - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   When two pest control workers visit a woman’s home to take care of her chameleon infestation, they soon realize that things are more than meets the eye.
  Story:   Steve Beatrice
  Animation:   Steve Beatrice
  Cast:   Chris (Fawx) Ward, Steve Beatrice, Christie Beatrice
  Length:   3 mins


Language Product

Language Product - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   Furen Dai’s video work began with her research on a Secret Women Language called NvShu, which originated and developed as a secret code among women in Hunan Province, China. Although the language has lost its functionality, women who know the language have been pressured into performing their cultural activities as entertainment for tourists, for menial wages. In her film, Furen has presented a language factory and the act of producing secret language as art objects to sell to people who don’t have access to the meaning of the language.
  Director:   Furen Dai
  Producer:   Furen Dai
  Cast:   Chi Chen, David Thomas, Jiawen Liu, Yiwen Kong, Shihui Fang, Wenjiang Yu, Fengnian Ji, Bihua Zhan, Ke Li, Yanhua Zhan, Sijia Lv, Xiaoling Zhou
  Length:   9 mins


Divine Distraction

Divine Distraction - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A short documentary, focused on Joanna Lesher, tries to voice the voiceless parts in the group of ADHD adult and female.
  Director:   Shu Chen
  Producer:   Shu Chen
  Featuring:   Joanna Lesher, Danchen Wang, Dr. Lorraine Wolf
  Length:   6 mins


The Bonsai Effect

The Bonsai Effect - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   Purveyors of a Bonsai garden in New England share how the trees have shaped their lives. Amid the threat of climate change, their work takes on new importance.
  Director:   Christopher Alan Maloney
  Writer:   Christopher Alan Maloney
  Narration:   John DeFrancesco
  Length:   15 mins



GRIT - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A man’s descent into madness after the untimely loss of his wife, starring Casper Van Dien.
  Director:   Ilan Muallem
  Writer:   Ilan Muallem
  Producers:   Ilan Muallem, Michelle Romano, Shar Yonan & Kimberly Shawn Geier
  Cast:   Casper Van Dien, Michelle Romano, Chris Pardal, Ilan Muallem, Kyle Lally
  Length:   15 mins


Inferno of Glory

Inferno of Glory - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A screenwriter struggles to come up with the perfect dying line for the villain in his script and does the unthinkable for inspiration.
  Director:   Major Dorfman
  Writer:   Major Dorfman
  Producer:   Daniel Sheehy & Major Dorfman
  Cast:   Neal Gyles, Gale Argentine, Marc Powers, Tyler Bothe, Ernest Anemone, Tom Kilgallen
  Length:   18 mins



Atelophobia - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   An actor attends a casting call and is faced with his negative, inner consciousness.
  Director:   Megan Yawor
  Writer:   Megan Yawor, Michael Robinson, Ben Thomas, Ginny Ahearn
  Producer:   Megan Yawor
  Cast:   Stephen Cwiok, Tim Davis, Zak Leete, Nathan Phillips, Kendall Reed, Drew Sanborn, Nicole Smith, Ben Thomas
  Length:   7 mins


Answer My Prayer

Answer My Prayer - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   Four characters tryst with faith, belief and hope.
  Director:   Vikram Joshi
  Writer:   Allan West
  Producer:   Rob Guimares & Carolyn Holland
  Cast:   Taylor Garland, Ajay Jain, Jalon Christian, Meghann O’Brien, Carolyn Holland, Roger Shakra, Adrianna Rozzo, Chris Faria (cameo), Kabir Singh (voice)
  Length:   9 mins


Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A woman is pressured to leave her room and join her friends at a party that’s happening right outside her door. The uphill battle: her ex is also going to be there.
  Director:   Raeshelle Cooke
  Writer:   Raeshelle Cooke
  Cast:   Sharley Paul, Shane Alexander, Tara McDonough
  Length:   6 mins



Synopsis:   Revenge is a dish best served… in a box.
Director:   Nick Bird
Writer:   Nick Bird
Producer:   Michelle Romano, Jay Davis, Kimberly Shawn Geier, Bobby Nguyen, & Sarah Pallohusky
Cast:   Michelle Romano, Leah Haile, Aaron Cavette
Length:   15 mins


The Heist

Synopsis:   On a cold night in Boston, two thugs are doing their best not to attract any heat. A million things can go wrong during The Heist, even for a couple of professionals, but the payoff is too great. There’s only one question – What’s in the trunk? (Exclusively filmed and lit only by the LG V10 smartphone!)
Director:   Evin Charles Anderson
Writer:   Alex Grant & Nathan Illsley
Producers:   Evin Charles Anderson & Tatiana Ivan
Cast:   Chris Chiampa, Benjamin Lewin
Length:   4 mins


Passenger – Whispers II

Passenger - Whispers II - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   A short film, but more so, a rockumentary comprised of several songs by singer/songwriter Passenger. The story navigates through areas of Europe photographing life and its simple beauty.
  Director:   Bryan Dos Reis
  Cinematographer:   Bryan Dos Reis
  Music:   Passenger
  Length:   26 mins


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