The Anthony Scibelli Web Series

The Anthony Scibelli Web Series - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   “The Anthony Scibelli Web Series” is “The Jack Benny Program” for the internet age. Continuing in the long tradition of stand-up comedians playing themselves in an extension of their on-stage persona, The ASWS pays homage to the vintage comedy that came before it while subtly taking advantage of the new relationship between viewer and creator that has arisen with the rise of web-based content.
In the first episode of “The Anthony Scibelli Web Series,” Anthony is reunited with Johnny, his childhood best friend, while also trying to get booked on the Tarantula Show, the hippest alternative comedy show in Boston run by the creepiest comedian in Boston. (Ep. 01)
  Director:   Anthony Scibelli
  Writer:   Anthony Scibelli
  Producers:   Brett Johnson & Anthony Scibelli
  Cast:   Anthony Scibelli, John Baglio, Phoebe Angle, Nathan Burke
  Length:   12 mins

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