Language Product

Language Product - Poster - Boston Film Gala 2016 Official Selection   Furen Dai’s video work began with her research on a Secret Women Language called NvShu, which originated and developed as a secret code among women in Hunan Province, China. Although the language has lost its functionality, women who know the language have been pressured into performing their cultural activities as entertainment for tourists, for menial wages. In her film, Furen has presented a language factory and the act of producing secret language as art objects to sell to people who don’t have access to the meaning of the language.
  Director:   Furen Dai
  Producer:   Furen Dai
  Cast:   Chi Chen, David Thomas, Jiawen Liu, Yiwen Kong, Shihui Fang, Wenjiang Yu, Fengnian Ji, Bihua Zhan, Ke Li, Yanhua Zhan, Sijia Lv, Xiaoling Zhou
  Length:   9 mins

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